Whatever the time of the year, you'll find the following toppings available on our mini pancakes.
  1. Powdered sugar & butter
    The Dutch classic! Simple but a perfect choice for the pancake purists.
  2. Powdered sugar & lemon
    Take a note from the french crepe and enjoy your pancakes with a dusting of sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
  3. Nutella
    Who can't resist pancakes coated in everyone's favourite chocolate spread!
  4. Salted caramel
    Can't decided between sweet or savoury? No problem, choose our salted caramel sauce and satisfy all your taste buds.
  5. Vanilla Fudge
    A deliciously sticky and classically British flavour
  6. Cheese & Bacon
    Delicious locally-sourced bacon served in the classic combo, with cheddar cheese.
  7. Chocolate Caramel
    Can't decide between chocolate or caramel? Not a problem with this one.
  8. Salted caramel with a hint of Apple Brandy
    A warming dash of brandy brings out the best in our pancakes.


If you want to push the boat out then why not consider a customised luxury topping. We offer these at special events on request and can talk to you about what your preferred combo is. Below are ideas of toppings that work well with our pancakes.
  1. Raspberries & white chocolate
    The combination is such a wonderful thing and incredibly hard to resist.
  2. Strawberries & cream
    It's not just for Wimbledon. Enjoy the winning combination for as long as the strawberries are in season.
  3. Cherry Bakewell
    As it's one of our favourite cakes, we've turned it into a topping - using local ripe cherries and almonds.
  4. Apple & cinnamon sugar
    A winning winter mix of flavours making you feel warm and cosy on the inside.
  5. Banoffee
    A classic British dessert transformed into a mini pancake topping.
  6. Dutch Speculaas & cream
    This is a classic Dutch flavour made from various spices that work perfectly during the winter months - try it and fall in love.




winter, spring


autumn, winter

We're always open to creating new flavours for customers. Whether it's a special colour or theme for a wedding or something that reflects your company's brand, we can work with you to make sure the topping is your very own.